Blodgett "Draft Diverter"

I have come to find out I don’t have a draft diverter on top of my Blodgett 1000’s. There is just a hole in the top of the top oven that is venting into my hood.

Do I need to spend $175 on a Blodgett draft diverter or can I have a sheet metal worker (ie my father in law) make a right angle fitting for the vent hole? I am under the impression this is only to stop the exhaust fan from sucking the air out of the oven too quickly???

Thank you all for any help you can be. We’re so close to opening and it’s one thing after another.


There really isn’t much to those things, so I can’t believe they want $175 for it. But, I think there’s two problems with having it made. One, it will probably void your warranty (and I needed the warranty on both of my Blodgett’s; one had to be completely replaced.) Second, the their draft diverter is specifically engineered for their oven. I don’t think you want to mess with something that’s venting carbon monoxide.

Another issue could be with your city inspector. I had to show all of the SA records for our ovens during our inspection. They may not be happy with an aftermarket part on there.

By the way, the one we received from Blodgett doesn’t look like the spec sheets. It isn’t really a right angle, more of a rectangular piece with an opening on the front side. That could be important if you have your FIL make it.

That’s really the price, I checked! You are correct on several counts, but these ovens are as old as I am. I may just buy the part, looking into getting the oven serviced by someone else. The last guy out didn’t know much about them at all. Wanted to know why I didn’t get a conveyor :slight_smile:

I would also imagine that if the unthinkable happened and your ovens caught fire, there could be some insurance issues as well. It seems like it is worth the outrageous price just to play it safe.