Blodgett MG-32

Hi gang,
new to the business and I have a great line on a Blodgett MG-32. Any comments good or bad?
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Hi Cheesy:

Mg 32 tells us only that the oven has a 32 in wide belt. There are two additional digits in the model #.

You should also determine the serial # so you can phone the factory and determine the age of the oven.

In my opinion the Blodegett oven never reached the viability level of its competitors.

No doubt the oven you are contemplating is a cast off of some outfit that replaced it with one of the better models that are on the market.

Most all the used ovens on the market are there because they burn vastly more gas and electric power then the newer models. They are difficult and time consuming to clean. They require more maintenance and parts are about three times more. They do not bake as good a product as the latest models. Those ovens are not on the market because some one went out of business but because they are to expensive to run and are often undependable and service prone. There is the rare exception to the above but very few of the latest model ovens are ever offered used.

When you buy a used oven you will eventually pay the price of a new model in greater operating and servicing costs. You will be paying more for an oven that does not produce as good a product.

Your oven is the heart of your business you should have the finest available your largest competitors do.
If you can afford to buy a used oven and pay the much higher operating cost, you could put a small amount down and lease a new model which you will eventually own.

Just my opinion based on my experience and that of our clients.

George Mills

Thank you so much for the reply.I have contacted the seller to get more specific information - boy do I feel stupid.
I have been in the restaurant business my whole life but always in the steak sector - I owned two “Keg Steakhouses”. After reading many post’s on this site I feel like pizza is a whole new world. I live in B.C., Canada and I am finding out quickly that we do not have the same access to as much product and equipment as you guys south of the border. The Blodgett I am looking at is being sold by a fellow Keg guy. We are only expecting to sell up to 75 pizzas per day. Being in Canada, can anyone point me in the right direction for equipment, new and used.
By the way, I did order the book everyone suggested, “How to run a successful…”
Thank you again and as soon as I find out more specifics I will let you know.