Blodgett MG 3270 ovens

So I’m looking at ovens for the new store. Price point is the objective. I can easily get double stack Lincoln 1450’s for $14,500 (refurbished). However, I came across a deal where I can get these Blodgetts for about half the price. Does anyone use these ovens in there stores or does anyone have experience with these ovens? What’s the scoop?

Thanks. -J_r0kk

I am pretty sure that a blodgett 3270 has 5(five) blower motors!! It may be 4, but its alot to go wrong. I’ve cooked on probably 3 different ones, and never got a good cook. Pizza near the window cook white, and need to slow the time down to get a brown cook on the other side. Have never cooked a pizza I was happy with on a blodgett conveyor.

Lincoln ovens are much better than Blodegett’s They use the air impingement system patented by Intercist ( I probably spelled that wrong ) that was licensed to Middleby and Lincoln. The Blodegett’s you mention are almost twice the size of the Lincolns and would, if they could work OK would give you vastly greater production.
I don’t know how a shop can attain their maximum potential with small ovens like the Lincoln 1450. I view production as a major key to success in the pizza business. The rent, advertising, taxes, etc, etc, are the same, if you can produce 100 pizzas per hour or 300. Those with high production can get school, special event orders and other high volume deals plus never fall behind in servicing regular customers.
George Mills

I got a Lincoln 1450 Double Stack reconditioned from Northern Pizza Equipment for $12,500. It was exactly one year ago, so I don’t know if the price went up, but it would be worth trying.

Talk to Steve at Northern Pizza Equipment in Dexter Michigan.

Hey …Mr Rokk.All I have been searching for when it comes to conveyors is 1450’s.Don’t be switching teams on me now.Actually been kind of looking a tad bit at going with decks again as it looks like I may be there more then I had planned.
I may call northern tom. though and see what they have.