Blodgett MT 3870's Vs. Lincoln 1000's

Both are double stacks, any thoughts on which ones are better?

A 3870 is a massive oven, the ‘70’ is the length of the cooking chamber. I think the entire lincoln 1000 is about that wide. So, your available kitchen space may be a factor. Higher production capacity for the 3870 but also the problem of venting that much heat (i’ve been told they are the ‘hottest’ ovens you can put in a store - I have triple stacks of 3870’s in my kitchens, I believe it).

Also, the 3870’s can be stacked 3 high. I think I read the lincoln 1000’s can only go two high - so looking toward future growth/production, that may be another factor.

And I’ve been told that Blodgett was bought out by one of the other oven companies recently. There was a period a year or so back where getting parts was really, really tough. I’ve recently gone to reconditioned ovens with more modern/available parts, so I don’t know if getting parts is still a problem or not. Might want to look into that before you buy.

As brad mentions, these are two completly different size ovens. The double stack of Lincolns will cook just half the pizzas that the Blodgetts do. If profiled properly for your product, I believe the Lincolns will cook a superior product. The Lincolns will be cheaper to maintain. If I recall, each blodgett will have either 4 or 5 blower motors. Each of these have capacitors that go bad regularly. The Blodgetts will also be quite a bit louder than the Lincolns. Just imagine how much air they have to push.

Both the ovens you are considering are 20+ year old technology. If those units have not been retro fitted with the latest style components they will cost a lot to operate and maintain. If they have been properly retrofitted the cost to buy them should be very close to new and you will still have old ovens. The reason so many used ovens are on the market is that the major operators are dumping them for later model ovens that cost way less to run and have fewer break downs and bake a better pizza.

George Mills