Blodgett oven help/question

We have two blodgett ovens and one of them is having some issues…

The gas is only coming out of the left half of valves underneath the deck…

Is there a way to clean these? Maybe use some compressed air to blow them out…

Anyone had this issue?

Are there two separate burners, and it’s only coming out of 1 of them? Or on one of the burners, there’s a set of holes down each side of it, flame is only coming out of one side?

Either way, sounds like you will have to take it out, and clean it. Whichever the answer to the above question might indicate where it could be clogged up.

You could also first just try running a small wire brush across the holes.

It has four lines of burners with openings pointing strait up. There are two under the left stone and two under the right stone. The two under the right stone are not creating flames…

I will try and get a brush to the burners and see if that works…Thanks!

Hi 15th:

As the other fellows have said the burner holes have probably become clogged.

Most often you will have to drill out the holes as a brush usually can’t force its way through.

George Mills