Blodgett Oven

Hi everyone! I found a used blodgett for sale. What do i need to look out for when buying a used oven? Thanks guys!

What kind of oven will you be looking for?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I used Blodgett deck ovens for 3 1/2 years (since opening) and I just got Blodgett conveyor ovens this week. All were bought used, but I trusted the people I bought them from. This is probably the best advice to give you. Trust the source. Know that they were running before you bought them and know what to do and who to contact when the time comes for parts or maintenance because this time will eventually come!

model: 961P
double deck

This oven was imported from the US to Dominican republic. They dont have the information of what pizza shop used it last. The oven is in a warehouse now so I haven’t been able to see it function yet.

Somthing to look at are the heat diffusers in the fire box. they cost a couple hundred bucks apiece (there are 3) if they are melted or heat damaged or rusted out. Without those, the temp go wild and are unstable in the bake compartments.

Blodgett makes a fine product but the 961 P is only a 50,000 BTU oven that’s about 36 BTU per sq in of baking surface the Blodgett 1048 has about 86 BTU per sq in of baking surface. I do not think you can produce enough pizza to be profitable with that 961 P oven.

I have worked with a blogett conveyer double deck oven. It was the best I’ve worked with I think. It cooked pizzas thoroughly and didn’t burn them, if you had both decks running you could get through a 1,000 dollar easily and they are the easiest conveyer ovens I have seen.

I have a Blodgett 1000 and works good I have a pie in 8-10 min. But I bought it used it broke and it cost 500.00$ to fix one of the ovens, oh yeah its stackable. the other thing is the stones if they break they can cost up to $700.00 a piece. There good ovens though.