Blodgett question

About to open our second store and we’re just about to buy 2 blodgett 961-s with a little wear on them. $3500 for the pair. Good deal or no? Keep in mind that the seller has promised to ensure that they work correctly and he’s helping to transport. Anybody cooking with them? Good oven?

I used to bake with a couple of them. They seemed to lose temperature fast during the rush and that can really slow things down. However, the price is pretty good. I think that they would be a good pair to start out with and if you hit it big you could get this beast:

That is what I upgraded to. The 4 deck one. It is amazing!!!

Hi Rummy:

The model number fir the 961 Blodgett oven for pizza is 961-P not 961-S

Perhaps the S stands for steel deck rather than stone. Check the BTU it could be as low as 37,000 per deck. Definitely under powered .
Stones could have been placed over the steel decks to simulate a pizza oven.

The 691 P is not a great pizza oven but at 50,000 BTU its better than the 961 that is not for pizza.

An oven of that size should in my opinion have at least 80,000 BTU per deck.

George Mills

George is obviously the expert here. I don’t know the model numbers, but I thought the standard 4x6 (or 3x6) decks used 120k BTUs for pizza. If it’s one of the 3x5 decks, I have to warn against them unless the space is limited. I had some and it’s very difficult to work without that extra foot in width (and maybe one in depth). You’re very limited in moving pies around and you’ll fill them up with small orders. Again, I don’t know the model numbers, so if it’s a 6’ wide oven, forget all I’ve said.

Thank’s for the heads up. I’ve been spoiled with my 320,000btu rotoflex. Any suggestions then, keeping in mind that i’ll be making 30" pies so a conveyer isn’t really an option for me.

Hi Rummy;

I think most conveyor ovens Lincoln, XLT or Middleby with a 32 in wide belt can bake 30 " pizzas no problem.

George Mills