Blodgett vs. Bakers Pride deck ovens... question(s)

Is it safe to say that if we are comparing the two and they both have the 120,000 btu input, that they will bake at the same rate?

Are there features of one or the other that should affect our decision?

Thanks, C.

I seem to recall I read somewhere that Bakers Pride used more burners to get a more even heat to the stones. Now I am unsure if this is correct, but it is sticking in my mind for some reason.

This isn’t necessarily a feature, but if it makes a difference to you the service we’ve received from Blodgett has been AWFUL, both at Blodgett Corporate and at their authorized warranty shop here.

I’m planning my second store now, and it will have Baker’s Prides.

That’s interesting, I restored a 1958 981 last year and the Blodgett people were very helpful. If fact, just yesterday I called with questions about some used ovens and while the gal in customer service was a little short, the guys in parts went out of their way to help and even emailed me old spec sheets…

Thanks for the help, C.