blooming onion

how do you get the batter the onion so it sticks, i get more that falls off

soak it in water for at least an hour.

apply corn starch first

good 'ole country cookin - double dip it…

Standard breading/dreding technique that works is Dry . . . wet . . . dry. Make sure your item is patted dry before you start so no moisture is on outside. Shake the excess off of the 1st dry and wet. Something like: flour . . . buttermilk . . . breadcrumbs. You basically build the ‘batter’ in layers in the food with dipping. The first very thin dusting of flour adheres to surface moisture and creates a sort of starting binder. If this layer is too think, it will ‘unzip’ and coating will fall off. Wet dip makes a serious goo layer for the final dry dredge to adhere to. The more wet/dry steps, the thicker and heavier the coating will be. Let it sit for a couple minutes before frying to allow complete hydration of your coating, then off you go.

Soaking the onions I have heard is also a useful trick depending on your dredge ingredients. Make sure you shake of all excess moisture when removing from water . . . and even let air dry a few minutes if you are doing dry/wet/dry technique.