Blower Shaft Replacement PS555G Middleby

I’m a restaurant service tech who (for better or worse) specializes in commercial refrigeration. Of course this is often combined with “hot side” work, because so few service companies will deal with the hot side.

I’m pretty familiar with pizza ovens, but unfortunately almost all of it has been electrical, controls, ignition, gas valves, etc.

For the first time I have to pull a blower shaft on a big Middleby conveyor oven. I was doing a general search and stumbled on a post on this site where the owner had taught himself how to repair these ovens. Middleby Marshall tech support is basically useless, and their service manual–which covers most or all of their historical conveyor style ovens–doesn’t discuss this repair for the 555G. The ovens they do cover for a blower shaft replacement aren’t identical.

Any insight from an owner OR tech would be great!

In return, any pizza restaurant owners or staff who want to contact me for advice on repairs are welcome to do so!