BLT pizza revisited

I did look around the archives a LOT and couldn’t find any good instructions for a BLT pizza. Can someone tell me a great one? Someone mentioned Big Dave’s BLT pizza, and I struck out looking for that, too :frowning:

I am thinking about alfreddo, sliced tomato, crumbled bacon, pizza cheese (mozz/prov/parm) and the top with shredded lettuce and a drizzle of mayo after cut. Whats the scoop?

we do ours very simple, just olive oil, bacon and cheese. then when it comes out mayo, sliced lettuce, and diced tomatoes are added. The mayo being put on first acts as a glue to hold the lettuce on.

Nick I am with Penelope on this one. I think the alfredo would kill the blt taste. Then the mayo and alfredo mix…just seems too heavy.

Hi Nick,
I googled around a bit and could not find Big Daves BLT either, it seems like I recall seeing it sometime in the past but I can’t find it now. I am sure that you saw all the stuff I did, I was iintrigued by a recipe that used mayo for the sauce before cooking, I may try that tonight. I saw several recipes that used dijon mustard too, not for me. The recipes seemed split between cooking the tomatoes or adding after cooking.
I love a BLT, a BLT pizza seems like a natural.


I am thinking you tested it and liked it. Give it a whirl.

With respect to my scoop, I would have a prepped tomato and moz with basil and EVOO cooked in - very crispy bacon, lots of it, thick lettuce and all day long, mayo. Test drive mayo cooking in and out of the dough, amazing.

Sorry, I looked for BD scoop on this and also could not find.


Hi Nick,

We offer a Ranch BLT pizza and customers love it. We use Ranch dressing as the base, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and bacon. When the pizza comes out and you cut it, we put lettuce right on top.

something about mayo on top of pizza rubs me the wrong way. Not the biggest mayo guy myself. With that being said- you can cook a crust with olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, garlic, mozz, and oregano…top with with a chopped mix of bacon,romaine lettce, and chopped tomatoes using a light coating of mayo as a dressing. It kinda comes out like a blt salad on crust but stays on well while eating. I have made it, but never ate it.

We used mayo for our BLT pizzas, it worked well. We cooked it with mayo cheese and bacon, then put the tomatoes and lettuce on afterwards obviously. We didn’t sell a ton, but they did sell.

Oddly enough I had this saved on my computer…must of copied and pasted it off somewhere. Anyway this is what I got…
(I guess this is big dave talking?)

Just trust me on this one. Big Dave’s Bodaceous BLT was the MOST popular secialty pizza I ever launched on my menu. My bacon weekly useage went from 6# a week to 60.
Here is the procedure for a 14" pie.
Cheese goes directly on the pizza dough; no sauce.
Sprinkle 3 ounces of pre cooked bacon and 3 ounces of ham on the cheese.
Bake until done.
Remove from oven.
Extra Heavy mayonaise goes on the hot pizza now. You can use a squeeze bottle or in my case I used a disposable plastic pastry bag, I applied a few concentric circles.
Next use a rubber spatula to rub the mayo in the pizza. You’ll want a thin coating all over the surface of the pizza.
Sprinkle shredded Taco lettuce over all.
Nexy, sprinkle diced Roma tomato pieces all over the top.
Now get the spatula and with the residue left over from the first application, smear it all over the lettuce and tomato. This gives the produce a little kiss of the mayo.
Cut and serve.
I priced it at 13.95. Food Cost was 24.8%.
Customers went wild for it. If I didn’t have a BLT on my buffet line they would get down right rude and demanding. I loved it. To those whe were not sure if it was good; my come back was;"If you like BLT sandwiches you’ll LOVE this pizza, guaranteed.
We sold 250 a week.

Big Dave Ostrander / The Pizza Doctor

Testing on customers today, using Big Dave style recipe with the addition of a little salt and pepper, it looks much better in real life than the photo. One thing I found is the lettuce and tomato like to move around a lot when you cut it.