Blue Steel Rectangle Pans

Apparently P.A. Products in MI, states they no longer make these pans anymore, either that or they are not selling them to anyone except jets or who ever else they have contracted with. Does anyone now where you can get them???

is this what you need?

To the best of my knowledge, the blue steel pans formerly used to make Detroit-style pizzas are no longer available. However, the steel pans from the Detroit Style Pizza Co., witout the bluing but with proper seasoning, should suffice. As noted at … #msg204212, the bluing is only to prevent the pans from rusting while in storage.


Lloyd’s offers a “better than blue” Detroit style pan. Pricey yes, but everything I’ve tried from John and the fine folks at Lloyd’s has more than met my expectations.

Lloyd and Pizzatools do have very good products but, to the best of my knowledge, they do not offer Sicilian style pans in the 8" x 10" and 10" x 14" sizes, which are the two most common sizes used to make the Detroit-style pizzas, by just about everyone who specializes in that style. Also, the Lloyd/Pizzatool pans are not as deep as the steel pans (the maximum depth of the Lloyd/Pizzatools pans is 2"). Finally, they are of aluminum and produce a faster bake that may require modifying the bake temperatures and times. The Pizzatool’s Sicilian pan collection can be seen at … ouping.htm.


Yes, I cant figure out why the company P.A. products are not making them anymore, only thing I can think is that they only exclusivley sell to Detroit and or Jets ??? I read a column online just dated this last yr in 2011, that this company was just starting to make them & now they say NOPE no longer :?

Thanks for the link, I will order thru them :smiley: … -deep-dish

right about the 2" depth though…


Thanks for the link. I have read that some Detroit-style doughs can rise above 2" in the pan and, if that is indeed the case (although I have some doubts), then the Lloyd Detroit-style pans could not be cross-stacked during proofing of the dough. I’m sure of the high quallity of the Lloyd pans although the cost is about triple that of the blue steel pans, and also their replacements without the bluing. It may be anecdotal, but I have read that some of the old blue steel pans at Buddy’s have been in use for over 50 years.


As of the time that P.A. Products, and also Northern Pizza Supply, were last selling the blue steel pans, I beileve that they were not manufacturing the pans themselves but were sourcing them from a company called Dover Parkersburg. You can see the pans, called Utility Trays, at … items.html. Dover does not sell direct to the public but they may be able to tell you who sells them in your area. I do not believe that the current Dover pans use bluing.


Thanks for the link, after all the web searching I did over the last week, I never came across this, I ordered from them… :slight_smile: