i hope you dont mind me asking you really have toppings of alligator,rattlesnake,boar.can i ask what type of sauce and cheese you use for those meats?and can you get them in the northeast ?thanks

Yes, we really have those toppings. They are all 4X1 sausages which we slice.

The Rattlesnake tastes a little off with tomato based sauce so we recommend BBQ and the combos that include it use BBQ and Mozz… Pheasant goes well with our chopped galic and olive oil white sauce. We pair that with riccotta or Feta in addition to mozz. Elk and Boar are pretty conventional flavor profiles. Red sauce and mozz works very well with them. Alligator also works best with red sauce.

The sausages are special order items. We buy them in 12lb cases. The come frozen and we keep them that way, thawing a few days quantity at a time. In a pinch we can thaw them quickly in warm water and slice on the fly. We prefer to use fully cooked sausage, but we can also slice and cook raw sausage with one pass through the over before going on the pizza.

I would suggest asking your food rep what wild game sausages they can get. Don’t worry about having to be a regular stock item. We normally buy about 60 lbs of elk and 40 each of boar and pheasant every couple of months. Rattlesnake and Alligator move a lot slower. Two cases last a long time. Our portion for a 16" pizza is four ounces, so 60 lbs of elk is about 240 16" pizzas. The lead time is about 2 weeks on an order so we order when we open the last case of the slower selling ones and when we get down to 2-3 cases on the others.

It is good interesting product that creates differentiation and nobody can price shop our wild boar pizza vs someone else in town.