bofi xlt 3255-ts vs pesi pro 3255

What is a better oven everyone? The bottom line pricepoint is similar. Stainless construction is similar. Dimensions are similar. The warranties are both 2 years. The PESI has two independently controlled heat zones whereas the BOFI has one. Do you think this makes greater in the field adjustments or is it just more stuff to break. What is the current draw on the PESI? (to aid in comparing utility efficiency). Both ovens are suited to my product mix. Thanks for any input you might have.

I use an XLT 3270 and absolutly love it. It does have the two temp zones, but I have them both set at the same temp. As far as the PESI ovens, I have yet to find anyone who has installed them. In order to figure which is better, someone would have to have used the PESI. If you decide to go with it, please report back to us your experience with them.

If two heating zones were benificial Xlt would build the 3255 that way.

XLT has been on the market for seven or eight years. they are used and endorced by Domino’s, Little Caesar’s, Costco, Ce Ce’s Hungry Howie, and hundreds of others here in the USA and many other nations.

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George Mills


What finger config are you using. I installed the xlt3255’s in 2 stores last month but have not settled on my finger set up yet.


I’m just using the fingers as they were shipped to me. I’ll look to see and post back. I do know they asked me a bunch of questions about my product to try to send the oven already configured. It cooks better than my old Middleby 570’s and better than my Lincoln X-2.