Does anyone use BOFI XLT ovens? I purchased a triple stack about 2 years ago to replace my Middleby Marshals. And since then I have not been able to get a bake that is quite as good as it used to be. I have changed the fingers around to every possible combination, times, temps and everything but cannot get the bake where I want it. THe mgfr has not been a whole lot of help to this point.

I am starting to wonder if the ovens are just inferior to Middleby or Lincolns. I have one store that has deck ovens, and when we compared the deck oven pizza to the Middleby baked pizza, the deck oven pizza was better but not by a whole lot. Now when you compare the deck oven pizza to the XLT pizza it is a night and day difference.

Customers have noticed the difference as well, since we started using the XLT ovens.

Anyone have any input?



They shouldn’t be inferior to the Lincolns at all. paul7979 did some research because he’s planning on buying a lower XLT, and he told me the guy who invented one of the new state of the art Lincolns actually formed this company, so the two should be very comparable. Have you called the main office in Wichita? Or did you just contact your dealer?


I talked with the head office and am going to talk with them a little more before I give up and put in a wall of Baker’s Pride ovens.

The biggest problem that I have is how it bakes the cheese either burns it or doesn’t bake it, nothing in between. And it is not just my cheese I have tried at least 15 different types - prov, motz&prov, whole milk, part skim, Grande, Sorrento, Burnett, Great Lakes, etc…

In addition after the pizza sits for 10-15 minutes it looks like garbage. If you don’t eat it quick, you don;t want to eat it.

Who knows?

Just ordered a 3270 XLT yesterday morning. Will have it in three weeks. I’m very suprised they haven’t been much help to you. I purchased an Eflow(predecessor to the Lincoln X-2) from them 10 years ago. They were super with helping me get the right finger combination to cook my product correctly. I would expect the same type of service with the XLT. I hope they don’t dissapoint me, as I am planning to purchase 2 more if the first cooks well.

By the way, what size are your ovens. If 3270’s, I may be interested in working a trade for my Lincoln X-2(2 years old) and my Middleby 570. Email me if interested.

what finger config are you useing?

They are model 3255-TS

Currently the configuration we are using is:


  1. Blank, 2. Two hole row finger, Two hole row finger, Two hole row finger, Blank


6 Hole fingers all the way across

Temp 455 Time 6:20

This is working the best, if I open the fingers up any more on top or increase the temp the cheese starts to burn bad.

Tried the radiant panels and they do very little. Tried the fingers on top in all different positions and tried 4 hole fingers and 6 hole fingers.



have you tried less heat on the top say one less finger and higher the temp, Im no expert but its just a tought. also what are you using screens etc

for the top try:



I have placed hundreds of these ovens into this industry, The factory has two of the top five franchieses using this oven. You are the only user I have heard of having a problem. This would lead me to think the problem is not the oven. Never the less I have alerted the factory to your post and I am sure they will contact you.

Please note XLT Ovens will be more than happy to assist you with your ovens. Please let us have a contact name and number and we will call you ASAP.
With thousands of ovens being used by our customers every day, this is the first time we have heard of such an issue.

I have recieved and installed my XLT 3270 and used it for the whole day today. This is by far the best cook I have ever gotten out of a conveyor. I’ve used Middleby 360’s, 570’s, Blodgett MT 3270’s, Lincoln 1000’s, and I currently have the XLT stacked with a Lincoln X-2 3270. The XLT is quieter than a 570(which I replaced with this) or the X-2. The crust cooks much crispier than the others without the cheese burning. I will keep it stacked with the X-2 as this gives me three belts at much better heights than a triple stack would give, but will use XLT’s in any future ventures I get into.

The only issue I have with this oven is that it has separate teperature zones at each end of the chamber. This requires two temperature controllers, two burners, two burner blower motors, two gas valves, 6 switches instead of three, ect. Seems like useless duplication and too much potential for stuff to break down, especially when the manufacturer suggests I set the temp on both ends to the same setting.

I’m guessing that your problem lies in the finger configuration. Lincoln and Middleby both have literally hundreds of finger configurations that they can set an oven up with to give you just about any bake you want. Have you had a company rep to your store with different fingers to work out a combination that works best with YOUR pizza? It generally doesn’t do any good to just move around the existing fingers in the oven. The key to getting an air impingement oven to bake well for you is to get those fingers right. Also, keep in mind that there is also a significant difference in the way a pizza bakes in these ovens between screens and dark colored baking disks. When correctly set up, an air impingement oven should be able to do a very good job of emulating a hearth oven (deck) bake.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

The XLT-3270 has a burner at both ends to insure that there is always enough heat to handle the most drastic loads possible. It could be that you might find having a lower or higher exit temperature improves your product. You would have to try it. Again Parts are substantially less costly then for other makes and there are overall a lot less parts than on many other ovens.

It is not necessary to use the switches at both ends. Leave the switches on the left side on. Then you switch on or off from the right side and the left side comes on or off automatically.

Could somebody please post a website link where we can explore different types of fingers/configuerations. I got Lincoln 1600.