Boneless Wings... help with Recipe

Hey all,
I’m having some troubles with creating boneless wings. Right now I’m taking boneless skinless raw chicken brea$t and cutting them into pieces, then battering them in an egg wash and then powdering them in my wing mix… then fry.

Problem is, they are coming out tasteless and rubbery. Now this is the same recipe I use for my regular wings (which are great)… I don’t know why the boneless are coming out so differently.

Another method I tried was frying the boneless pieces for 1 minute to help “dry” them out, then cooling them and coating them and refrying like usual… they came out even more rubbery.

What am I to do?

Thanks all!

Did you try tenderizing them first?

by smacking them down with a mallet? No, I have not. I figured that because I get my regular raw wings, cut, then bread and fry… that this should work the same way. How will tenderizing them help with the rubber effect?

How long are you frying them for? Typically, boneless “wings” cook for only about 2/3 the time that real wings do, when I worked for WingZone wings fried for 9 minutes, boneless for 5.

the first test fry was for 4 minutes… the second was for 6… i figured it may help “crisp” them up but it did’nt.

Doesn’t hurt to try! I would bet that helps. And as far as tasteless (and could help with the rubbery effect) try marinating them for a couple hours in a good Italian dressing.

You can’t compare wings to chicken brea$t and expect them to come out the same. It doesn’t work that way.

Hmm, the plot thickens… Are you thoroughly drying the chicken before breading it? My thinking is that maybe that if the chicken is damp under the breading, it may be steaming inside rather than frying, leading to the lack of flavor and the rubbery texture. As an experiment, you might try salting the chicken pieces about 15 minutes in advance, then wiping any drawn out moisture off before breading and frying. You also might try a simple dredge in seasoned flour rather than a full on bound breading, but I’m really speculating here. I’m assuming your frying at 350 degrees, and your fryers have been calibrated recently, just to eliminate fry temperature as a possible cause of the off texture.

My pre-breaded bites are “marinated”. Your wings are probably including “up to 3% water” or some such.

I can offer suggestion that will help both flavor and texture. . . . brining. I find that brining boneless/skinless chicken booby (possibly the least flavorful chicken on earth) for 45 minutes to a couple hours (depending on thickness) in a solution of 1/4 cup table salt to 1 quart water will season and moisten the chicken . . . plus retain the moisture better during cooking. Pat dry and let sit in cooler a couple more hours to overnight will help more. Osmosis works to your advantage. If you want to go with an overnight brining of a large batch, then cut the salt a little and use a 5 quarts of water. Again, your chicken qualities will make results vary.

You can add seaonings to this basic brine; some of it will be carried into the meat with the water via the osmotic pressure. It’s worth a shot as an experiment with a boobie or two.

Also consider a breading routine of dry-wet-dry to create an adhisive and firm coating. The 1st dry is shaken virously to make sure the thinnest layer of flour remains . . . it ill glue breading to the chicken.

This is a recipe we use at home…Not sure if it can be adapted for restaurant use but might give you some ideas…

Brining helps…add a bit of sugar & baking powder to your dry mix…breader/liquid/breader/fry

i agree with nick and patriot…i also use that same process when i am doing my southern fried chicken…