Trying to improve and better organize our bookkeeping what is your process do you use a program or do you have someone do it. CPA is too expensive and I am horrible at it not to mention I hate doing it (I know I know). Trying to get it together so its easier efficient and accurate. Come end of year my CPA has a lot of questions and corrections. Kind of doing manual imputing at this point which is a major pain in the ass. Pros and cons would be appreciated. We have a simple operation takeout and delivery. I need a better way.

i use quickbooks…looked up tutorials on youtube. I can never seem to get it right but still wast hours a week working on it…sometimes i feel like a fool wasting my time when numbers never match with my bank statement…someone give us a better way!!!

I spent about an hour today looking at quickbooks as this is the most popular software and also what my cpa recommends be he also recommend a bookkeeper but it just doesn’t feel right to hand all that paperwork and numbers over to someone else.

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My wife does the books using quickbooks and my CPA does end of the year taxes. We use a leasing company for our payroll so there’s one check that covers all of our biweekly payroll, withholding, workers comp ect. Makes life much easier rather than dealing with 35 payroll checks, monthly insurance checks, quarterly tax withholding payments. Outside of this, there’s probably less than 30 checks a month written, pretty easy to reconcile. But she will spend 2 hours to find out why her check register is a nickle off of the bank statement.

Similar to paul7979. I use a CPA Monthly, and we use quickbooks. I input about 20% of the info and she does the rest. I balance everything on spread sheets before she enters the data into quickbooks (saves her quite a bit of time and a load of money for me).

Payroll, taxes, etc … i have my payroll company handle. So all i do is run a time sheet and input the data to their servers. Then i just take the reports they generate and my CPA throws that info into quickbooks.

I keep a balance sheet for myself outside of quickbooks (excel) that i use for day to day stuff and i always know exactly where my real balances are every day (my accountant has even used it a couple times to figure out inconsistency’s in quickbooks lol).

the older versions of QB function much better/easier, IMHBCO…USMC Auditor…Semper Fi!

I use QB and we have a book keeper for data entry and taxes, I do checks in QB. She does all the taxes, payments, etc etc $800 a month for both stores, for all bookkeeping

Seems high but i don’t want to deal with it and its a lot of work

after struggling for years with paperwork, finally found THE BEST SOLUTION !!! got married to a great lady with an accounting degree who uses quickbooks !!!

ha ha ah…i married a great lady with a human resources degree…can we have more than 1 wife outside of Utah?

Speedline has an integration with Quickbooks that you can easily import the each “End of Day” report rather easily

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yeah, that never worked for me. I do it by hand, its not so bad takes about 3 or 4 minutes a day end. I usually pile up a few days at a time.

Regular QuickBooks and chart of accounts for restaurants provided by Jim Laub - . I would give the chart of accounts to any bookkeeper so they know how to do the chart of accounts correctly.