Bottling and selling soda/pop

I make a great homeade soda and can bottle it with no problems. I own a pizzeria and would like to try and sell it. Are there any specific regulations that I need to be aware of or do I just follow the same guidelines like I would for the rest of my business?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

You could probably fly under the radarfora while regardless. I recommend contacting your State Extension office or Department of Agricuture. They should be able to tell you who regulates processed, labelled food products. Heck, even your Coca-Cola dstributor may be able to tell you. Once you get into retail sales of packaged foods like that, you could run into FDA labelling regulations. You may not. That is just my heads up to keep in the back of your mind. Don’t say “I going to be doing this”. Go at it froma fact finding perspective to get as much info as you can . . . have info sent to your home even. It could be tough getting off the radar once your business is actually a blip on their radar.