Bought an extra 1000 lbs of flour today

Prices are going up again next week it looks like. I bought an extra 20 bags of flour at this week’s price. Saved about 60-80 dollars I guess over next week’s price.

My flour has come down 60 cents per bag since it peaked 6 weeks ago. It’s still up over $5 per bag from a year ago.

what are you guys paying for it? I’m paying $16 a bag (50lb)

$13.99 for GM King Wheat in AZ,

$15.54/50LB bag

$ 13.70 pr 50# Bag gm full strength

I was paying $12.50 for the last couple of months, but it jumped to $14.50. I am told it is going to $20 by the end of the year.

I really doubt that you will see it hit $20 by the end of the year. Wheat futures spiked in August and September, but have dropped dramatically since. The topped out at just over double where they started 2006 at, but that doesn’t mean that flour will double. I’ve already seen slight decreases with my flour price so I would expect that near $16 per bag will be the highest you see.

The 14.50 I paid this week was from US. Sysco quoted over $17.