Bounceback certificate idea

This isn’t mine, I stole it. Spaghetti Warehouse is (or recently was) doing a promotion where they give you an envelope. The rules are that a manager has to open it on your next visit and you get whatever the coupon says. If it’s opened before then, it’s void. I guess the servers can’t be trusted to open the envelope.

Anyway, printed on the inside of the envelope is the coupon. The envelope has printing all over it to try to make it a “security envelope” so you can’t read through it. It doesn’t completely work.

So far, the three I’ve seen are: 1. Free Dessert, 2. Free Appetizer, or 3. $5 off total ticket.

I wouldn’t say it makes me visit more often, but they certainly are an incentive. The “prize” is good enough to make it worth holding onto.

And, just to make it more amusing for me, on the bill when you use one of these, the discount even says “bounceback cert”. :slight_smile:

Have you ever checked out impact usa. I think thats the name. They have the coolest scratch off cards. You can send them out with every order. Who isn’t going to scratch off a free scratch off card? There is ALLWAYS SOMETHING FREE. These cards HAVE to work. I still don’t know why I haven’t ordered some yet myself. Maybe someone out there has used them and can help us ALL out. Do they work? If so, I will order some.


I just looked up their web page… … These guys look like the “Bounce Back Kings”.


Do these envelopes have an expiery date on them? If so how long do you have to bring it back? And if not I would think they should be dated within 14-30 days.

Yes, I think the first one I got was about 45-60 days out. However, they all seem to expire on the same day, so I think it was just a single mass printing. And you’re right, expiration dates are important.

I NEVER use expiration dates on my post cards. Coupons, yes, “post cards” NO. My store has alot of rural customers. When we get a post card back from the post office, ie VACANT, NO SUCH NUMBER,…or even when they are redeemed, I KEEP THEM! EVERY post card! When I get a 100 or so I go the the dollar store and buy zip lock sandwich bags and marbles. I put a postcard and 2 marbles in a bag. Seal it up. And throw them out at the mailboxes in the country. GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! The phones start ringing!


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