Box labels for Zebra POS printer

I am asking for assistance deciding what labels to use to print box labels. I have a Zebra 2844 label printer that I want to print on. Anyone out there use this thermal printer as well on Point of Success?

What size labels do you use, and where do you source them? I found a place that has 1.5"x4" labels for 6.15 per roll of 960 labels. Sound good? Better choices? this is a direct thermal printer.

This is the same printer that I use. I use 4inch by 1.5 inch lables that I buy from for $6.50 per roll of 960 when buying six cases at a time. Their 4X1 inch comes with 1360 per roll for the same price.

I’ve had this discussion with another operator who does really high volume. In my store, I don’t see a need for the labels. It seems like a waste of money to me. Just because the big 3 are using them doesn’t mean I need to. My POS system prints out a ticket, we use that ticket on the make line. We walk over the ticket to the cut table, and then the driver uses the same ticket for the delivery.

I use a sharpie marker to write the order number on the boxes. I don’t see the need for the extra expense of the box labels.

We have a somewhat unusual setup in that we have four workstations in our kitchen. We are looking at using the labels as prep tickets of sorts for the delivery/takeout at the stations. We cannot set one prep ticket at a pizza make table and complete the orders . . . . wings, sandwiches and salads at the least have different stations . . . . then pasta. More importantly, we want to start off using names and addresses on the boxes to transitions the customers and keep that personal contact with our product. “Order 25” and “Dinner for the Zwilling’s” have much different impressions. It is a mindset for all of us to keep the people as the primal motivation . . . . numbers kill that in my non-hippy, touchy-feely world :slight_smile:

We may transition over to writing numbers, but want to wade into the labels initially.


here is where I get my labels from they are good


You may want to look at
I have not used them, but they have a lower price of $5.30 per roll with 72 rolls/6 cases ordered.

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That is what a good mid is for. They should be able to call out what they need to the other stations.


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