Box Liners

I’m certainly not a paid endorser, just a very satisfied customer. These box liners are cheaper than the rippled square inserts or circles, and frankly they are amazing. We have started using them on every dine-in pan too. They make for a much easier transfer of the pizza to the pan or the box, in a side-by-side comparison to a circle the pizza was less soggy after 15 minutes, and they really help keep serving pans clean. I haven’t looked into getting them customized yet, but apparently coupons etc can be embossed onto the tabs.

We are very happy with the Perfect Crust Liners.

I have been using these liners since they introduced them at Pizza Expo in 2012. Because I live in Canada and they had no distribution here I buy a year supply at a time. I agree they are the best liner that I have come across.

These look very interesting! Has any one seen them in Australia?

Surprized there is no distributor in Canada…Daddio maybe a sideline for you?..



our costs: 14" 12¢
12" 9¢
10" 8¢

they no longer make 9". We were paying 23¢ for a 14" cardboard circle. Impressive. If only they were recyclable.

Thank you kindly.