Box Prices/ Custom Boxes

Where are you guys getting custom boxes from? Seems like since the west rock/star merger prices have skyrocketed, (even above standard price increases we are seeing in everything)

I get my boxes from the local paper distributor. Prices are a little higher than PFG but I only have a 5 bundle minimum of any size, they print them for me in a day or two, and stock some for me now that I have ordered several times.


we are changing sizes and re-branding for our new location so I just shopped around for 2 color B flute and best prices I got 12" $22.98 & 16" $27.88
I currently have 1 color B flute and pay 10" $17, 14" $22.75, & 18" $34.25

Famous, who did you get that quote through?

paper supplier in CT we have used for 40yrs…I am not sure where you are from, but I have ALWAYS had better pricing & service from a smaller specialized player than the big boys that always screw you on pricing thinking you will not notice getting raped on garbage liners

Virtually no customer knows that their pizza starts at 50¢ before you even store and fold the box

I order my custom boxes from [LA Packaging Solutions], they offers affordable prices and quality as well