Box Prices

What are you guys paying for boxes.

I use a 18" and 16"

29.44 for a case of 50 16" boxes

$15.96 @ Restaurant Depot

I pay $21/50 ct for 16"

All boxes are not equal, here. Top be specific, I pay $26.61/50 for B flute, custom-printed white boxes. I give $17.55/50 for generic Starr 16" E flutes. BJ’s wholesale sells some E flutes, but I don’t know the price off hand. Less than mine for sure, could be $16/50.

B flute (1/8") is about twice as thick as E flute (1/16"). B uses more paper than E.

16" 1 1/2 inch deep white outside/brown inside B flute $23.25 ($19.37 USD) per 50

22.35 for 50 B Flute Boxes with Prop. logo (franchise)
Was told this weekend we are switching from white to natural brown (for the green look) and they prices were going to drop slightly.

Custom printed 2 color corrugated B Flute 50/bundle
18" = 24.50
14" = 19.00
10" = 16.80
we used to pay a little less when we ordered a minimum of 5K boxes per drop, but our vendor now stocks them

$17.25 for 50 B flute 16". custom printed would be the same price but I would have to buy about 5000 at a time.