Box topper pricing for printing

What are you guys paying for printing box toppers? I am getting quotes for 40,000 5.5"X8.5" three color (black +2) toppers printed on copy paper.

Please, if your costs are not for at least 10,000 copies, I do not think they will be relevant.

Sometimes it will be less costly to order 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 notes pads…1,000 pads of 50 sheets in full colour should run less than 600.00 plus shipping…Typical paper is 50 pound offset which will actually lighter than 40 pound copy paper…These will be printed on a web press versus sheet fed…If the printer is using direct to press technology that images the press on the fly, they should be able to offer copy changes at a reasonable cost so you can split your run between different versions of your copy…

WWW.DURANADS.COM supplies box toppers for FREE when we supply you with a sponsor in exchange for sharing ad space with our advertiser. See our web for samples

Otherwise, we can print them for you 40,000 would be about $1000|
call us at 866-214-9479 or email charges $790 for 40,000 5.5"x8.5" full color.

Got Print is the way to go!!!

I have used them for several items now and cant believe that even with shipping costs added in it is cheaper than my local guys who are just dying to do anything for me.

I use the local guy for 2 reasons, First the money that I spend stays in my community for the most part. Second there is no chance the company that ships from somewhere far away will ever spend money in my store or recommend my product to anyone.

I agree with Dadio on his points… but I do send these pricing links to my local guys. I like for them to see what is out there and know that I am passing up savings to do business with them. Also, I have a sense of how much extra I am paying to deal locally and there IS a limit. If they start being 20% higher I am likely to say something about it to them.

That is very noble of you but when they are sometimes double in cost for a job and that is with shipping, I cant possible make that up. I use a local guy for forms and quick plain paper jobs, so he gets my business too.

As I mentioned in my previous post we will print box toppers free in exchange for sharing ad space with ONE of advertisers. This includes free layout, printing and shipping to your stores.

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Lots of great options here - I’ll add ours to the mix… We only charge $710 for 40,000 box toppers … prod170-59