Box Topper

How aggressive are the discounts on your box toppers? I’ve always been a believer in don’t irritate a customer that paid full price with a box topper offer that is a better deal.

You shouldn’t use your largest discounts on boxtoppers, as you already have the customer. you should either use these to entice your customers to order more often, or increase the ticket average. Use your best discounts while fishing for customers with doorhangers, saturation mailings ect ect.

I agree with Paul 100%. Boxtoppers are bounceback coupons and should be your “generic” everyday specials (that are still good offers, mind you… just not the cutthroat variety you would use for potential customers you haven’t gotten yet).

Our box topper coupons are soft. If a customer asks if they can use a coupon on the box for their current offer we politely tell them they’re for the next time they order.
If they persist we make it seem like it’s something we’ll get in trouble for doing but we’ll give it to them anyway. Wink wink, you’re a special customer and you’re getting special treatment.

I agree with the others use it to attract them to buy more. Here are a few ideas. On your small pizza put an offer for $$$ of of a large pizza when they buy a 2 litre drink or free bread sticks with a Large pizza you can do the same with you medium as well. On your large pizzas do a special for a moday or tuesday night say 10% off or something I dont usually do a % off or $$$ off but that is an option I try and do FREE ________ when you order 2 pizzas on Monday night etc, I would rather give away a 2L softdrink that I paid .99 then give 2.50 off of 2 pizzas. Make them come back more often and spend more when they do thats how ya make money!

ditto…look at it as a reward for the customer to keep them coming back to your store…not the same kind of deals you use to lure someone in the first time.

First of all your customers should never pay full price, unless they are ordering for a Government Sponsored Event(Charge the Government A Premium 100% of the time).

Set your prices at the top of the market, and then discount every order.
If they are an uniformed customer take their order quote the full price, and then take 10% off, and call it the new customer discount, or the GOOD GUY discount. (builds repoir)

You don’t always have to offer the discount up front or in the form of a monetary discount, Domino’s used to call it “something for nothing”.

Maybe they order 2 full-price pizza($44.00 + tax = $46.40 in Idaho), and you ask them "Have you ever tried our Buffalo Wings? and they say “No! But I think we have enough!” (he maybe price sensitive) so you say “Hey! I tell you what, have an order on me!” (Creates Loyalty)

Instead of giving them a discount, you give them a 10-piece order of wings, it only cost you $3.00, instead of a $5 or $10 discount, maybe throw in a 2-liter for free also (whoopee another $1.50 in cost.) This will build repoir, and create loyalty, and builds the value of your pizza. And you will still make $10.00 profit on the order, and everyone is happy.

Lots of great advice here!
Definetly use your box topper to showcase your add-ons. I wouldn’t put a crazy deal on it, you are right, you might make them mad.

I avoid the “price high and discount” method as it isn’t poplar in my area. we have a model that is to produce high quality food for a fair price every day.

When we do specials, we do “added value” offers like others have mentioned. Discounts can give the impression that our food isn’t worth what we normally charge, so we do add-ons for special deals. We generally do not run coupons, though, as it gets us to quickly associated with the economy style volume shops out there.

Do what works for you . . . this is what we do here.

Box toppers can be one of your best propmotions for getting return customers. A new item on the market that works with your box top flyer has really been helping pizzerias. The product is FUNstax box lid supports (Hockey and Golf) which are only a penny a piece. You can get them at SOFO, NMI, RICCO’s and more. They add some Fun for the kids and adults, and you can print the rink right on the pizza box or the box top flyer. There are also custom made ones that can be good for propmotions, contests and much more, having your special logo. Good luck with your business and hope the box toppers and lid supports prove to be a value add and brings back the customers. :smiley:

FunStaxx post is a thinly (very thinly) veiled commecial message. He posted on another pizza publication board the same as well. Don’t know if he posts often here, but nearly everything on the other board is self-promotional. Product may be fine, but hows about offering more contribution to discussions like several other vendors do?

It is the blatant invasion for sole purpose of sales that has caused my initial curiosity to become contempt and refusal to inquire into your products, “Guest”.

Sorry about that Nick. My name is kalie and I am my father’s, daughter. I was only trying to help him, because he does not go on the web much. I appolgize for doing this. I will not post anymore and please forgive me. Have a good day.