Box Toppers

So Im trying to redesign our box topper and could use some inspiration or ideas. What do you all put on your box toppers and if any of you have a picture of your box toppers that you are will to share that would be greatly appreciated as well. I have attached a picture of what we currently use

Nice looking pizza! I would probably add a few more coupons though next to those two. I’m just putting together our first box topper. Not sure what size is best or if it matters. More coupons or Pics or combo of both. We just closed our first year so still learning. Curious to see what the other pros here are doing.

We use 8.5x11 we dont get our boxes printed because its too expensive and we like the box toppers because they can be changed to convey different messages like new items. The reason for the large size is because it covers the whole box pretty much and its hard to miss pretty in your face.

A couple things 1) Great Looking box topper! 2) regarding not printing boxes I used to drive at an independant store in vegas. We spent 30.00 and got the bigest rubber stamp we could with store name and number. We stamped the inside of the lid. So if anyone had guest over they would know were that pizza came from. At the time there was 15 or more independants in our area and we all used the same boxes. Regarding your topper, I have a lot of print madee for work, and I have found that sometimes when choosing between an actual photo and an animated pic. The animated stuff reproduces better , although I do mostly large format stuff. The only other thought I would add is maybe having 2 or 3 different box toppers. If someone orders say a medium 2 topping for 8.99 give them a bundle offer with pop and breadsticks for 10.99 or 11.99. If someone orders 2 pizzas they get a 2 pie bundle offer to try and raise tickets based on what they order.

Georgia do you print out your own box toppers?

No we use

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How much do they charge for that?

For what we order it is about 4.5 cents/topper

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No way we have time to monkey around with custom selecting box toppers by order. We could do it in advance by box size but we fold and topper boxes during the day shift to be ready for each night. We do print up different versions of our topper but we just alternate them. First we use a box of one, then we use a box of the other.

Curious how effective targeting box toppers are in raising tickets…Is the extra time and effort worth it?..

And who does it in the middle of a 100 pie hour? Drivers? I see it more likely that the box just goes out without a topper than with the “right” one. Short answer is “no”. Probably not worth it.

We don’t do this we have 1 box topper for every box they get done in the day shift and it doesn’t take long to do it. The drivers have gotten really good at assembly lining the boxes for box top gluing. Every so often we like to change the look of them so they don’t get “boring”. What I have found them to be real effective for is new item introduction. They are also really good for your name being in people’s faces since we don’t get our boxes printed. We are a beach town so we don’t just do house deliveries. We do a lot of park and beach deliveries so not just the customer will be looking at the box. We want people to know where the pizza came from and the box topper does that.

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I think if you are targeting toppers- you have bigger problems. (that WAS a joke :)) Not trying to sound like a jerk, by the way! It’s a cool idea but, in practice and reality, not convinced it’d happen! I do understand the desire and have, on occasion, done something similar but I’m talking about a delivery or two/week to an unusual address, place we might not normally go, etc.
Having toppers be your “box customization” is a great idea, as is mixing up toppers. When I’d print 50,000 I never did 50K of the same version (pic, offers, etc) but always mixed it up doing 5 different (10K was the min)
When the toppers came in, I’d mix them up and layer them (well) in the box that we always topped from so I knew a mix was going out. I did not want to go through 10K of version 1, then move to version 2, as that defeated the purpose. I wanted the same customers to get different version each week- even on the same order.

Hmm this is actually a pretty good idea never would’ve thought of doing this. The reason we do box toppers instead of printing boxes is because it’s way cheaper (I know some will chime in on the labor involved but like cleaning there is always time for this) and I can relay whatever message I want on them.

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You know… toppers are so cheap that… even if 99% get tossed, still worth it. I think!
I think its also the nature of my age and time in the business… maybe a newer, younger guy might say “Pops… nobody uses/reads/looks at them anymore”
But… still kind of a no-brainer, to me.
I do remember dumping Yellow Pages years back when they simply became irrelevant. I remember that great feeling after 20 years of being bent over… anybody remember what yellow pages were… a MONTH?! Unreal.
I remember having the discussion w/ other franchisees about dropping, stopping, just going to a tiny ad, etc.

When we print box toppers we usually do 40K. They cost about 4 cents each in full color. Each one has four offers on it. So placement cost is about 1 cent per coupon. (I agree with the comment from Geogiascp on labor). Nothing else we do is even close and the coupons get used as much or more than any other placements.

It has been a while since I did it, but in the past I have taken the various offers we have out there and looked at how many times they are used vs the cost to produce and distribute them. Box toppers were easily the best deal of all our coupon placements. The only downside is that they really do not reach new customers.

While true that box toppers reach only existing customers, and with few exceptions new customers. Toppers are more about getting the return visit. Even if it turns the customer from once a month to twice a month, it paid for itself.

Guy I used to work for would call that a “Keen observation of the obvious” Haha

That’s why they call me Captain Obvious !

What do you think about the fact that yellow pages now bundle with the and search results for online searches. We do advertise with yp because of this fact…although I can’t stand the cost! They won’t let you really break it apart, so by bundling it you get the “better value”, lol.