Box Toppers

Bodegahwy who does your box toppers?

What is the price difference in price between printed boxes and plain boxes

Before we took over this location the boxes were printed the price difference between what was being paid for printed vs what I am paying for non printed is 18 cents for a 14". Box topper costs me about 3.5 cents. This doesn’t include the setup costs for the plates needed for printing and those are also pretty expensive.

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If I may take a different approach to this question…

Why not focus a portion of the boxtop on ascertaining the satisfaction of the customer who received it?

I have no doubt that your customers love your product and your service, but letting them know that their satisfaction is your primary concern (and giving them a way to voice that opinion, such as a survey) would go farther to repeat business than advertising new / additional products. Additional benefits of providing your customers with a way to voice their feelings is that those customers will need to register with your survey system, which gives you an opportunity to ask permission to contact that customer with your promotional offers, offer loyalty rewards and ask for online reviews, customer referrals and more.

You likely wouldn’t need the whole boxtop for that, but a section of it. Hope that helps!