Box Toppers

Anybody have a company for box toppers. I need only 5000 at a shot so I can change the specials often.
Used Century Printing for 2 color, I want full color this time.Thanks What

If you know what specials you want to change to, you can print them all at once and save a lot of money. For example, if you wanted to have four different versions that you ran 5000 copies each, your printer can lay that up as a single sheet and you get 20,000 piece pricing which is a LOT better. If you are running 5000 pieces in about 60 days, (or whatever time frame) you can stagger the expiration dates on the different versions.

Last time we printed box toppers, we printed 50,000 of them. But then we have been doing this for a decade and have pretty much settled on what offers we want to make.

We use our local priint shop. Saving a $100 is not worth going out of town, we get a lot of local support from local businesses and what goes around comes around.

What are box toppers? Sorry, I don’t know.

Anything adhered to the top of a pizza box. Easy way to advertise features, specials, etc. Usually applied with a simple dot of Elmer’s.

Charles, glue sticks are a LOT easier than elmers.

we used to water down a jug of elmer’s 2 the point we could spray it thru a spray bottle…the a kwik spray & press the flyer on…

ring, ring… (PP) “hello, Patriot’s Pizza, how can I help you?” (Customer on phone) ‘Well first thing you can help me with is getting the pizza box open. The lid seems to be glued down or something’ ‘I guess I could eat through the box but then it would end up tasting like a PH or Dominos type pizza’


Why would that be, Dave? It is just a spritz on the top of the box with the topper covering it.

I think he was trying to be funny but forgot the :lol: icon…

Dave - tried the wombat squeezings, but then the box truly couldn’t be opened

Using the glue stick you put a stack of the box toppers face down beside a stack of unfolded boxes. One person shuffles the boxes and the other puts on the toppers. Touch the glue end of the glue stick to the end of the topper (away from the special offers) and the topper will come up with the stick. Take it and put it on the box. That way the topper is easy to remove and the section with the offers does not get torn. The person handling the boxes drops the next one and the glue stick guy gets the next topper. A team of two can put the toppers on 50 boxes before the boxes are folded in about a minute flat.

A pair of drivers can put toppers on all the boxes we use in a day no matter how busy we are in just a few minutes. We do the same thing with help wanted fliers on our boxes.

Steve, we do the same thing with the dot of glue. I could see how the stick would be less messy. But you are right, a team that gets into the rhythm can do 50 boxes under a minute AND make sure the toppers are on straight. They can do it REALLY fast if they don’t care about placement, but I figure a minute is fast enough.

Box topping and box folding are great teambuilding contests. Makes the work fun and fast as long as you also count accuracy and neatness. Employees get into showing off how fast they can fold 50 boxes.

We have moved on to the spray adhesive for our box toppers. One quick burst and the boxtopper stays on but does not rip when trying to remove it. One person can do it quickly, 2 people can fly through some boxes!!!