Boxes for pastas?

Is it possible to get a box in a 2.5" to 3" height? We will have 2 pastas. A 7" and a 9", and with lids, the containers are just under 2.5" tall. Dominoes has a box specific to their pastas, custom made obviously, but are there any options for smaller operators? What do you use for to-go pastas? I dont want to just hand them a foil dish straight out of the oven lol.

Thanks again,

You could put the foil container in a paper bag. Will it be packaged in foil no matter what? If so, using a box is going to be adding a significant cost to the item (maybe 30ยข). You can do a foil with a dome or paper lid in a paper bag. Will it be adding value to your customer having it in a box? Or just adding you cost?

I use 10" clay boxes for my pasta. I put it in a 2 1/4 foil container with lid the garlic bread wrapped up right next to it. Fork and knife if its lunch time. It looks and feels so much nicer than slid in to a paper bag. And with the great markup I get on spaghetti an extra .15 for the box not a big deal for me.

I do think using a box over a bag adds value. But at the same time, im not against using a bag. I just cant find any boxes that are taller than 1 3/4". I found a 2" tall box, but it was 24x24". In our pricing we allocated ~.50 for box and foil dish. The foil dish is only ~$0.22, so that leaves almost $0.3 for a box. December, what brand of boxes do you use?

I use an unlabled 10x10x2(sorry) clay box from the rock tenn company. You might try bakery boxes if this means this much to you ive never came across a 3 inch high clay box

I see. Yeah it looks like I may have to go to a bag rather than a box. No worries really. I was just curious if what I was looking for was available.