Boxtopper glue?

Anyone have a good product I might find easily?
Been blasting through a gazillion crappy little glue sticks from Staples…


This doesn’t exactly answer your question but I thought I’d share what we did.

After the 14 or 15th case of glue sticks, we found it would actually be cheaper to have round half dollar sized stickers produced with thing things like, “Try our new chicken parm panini” or a list of sides like, “Salads, Breadsticks, Wings”.

We use the stickers to hold the box toppers to the box and to also seal our sub bags. They’ve been working really well.

I small dot of regular Elmers glue works for us.

(breathes in deeply through nose) mmmmmmmmmm… elmers…

I don’t think I’ve used Elmers since kindergarden.

True story:

When I was coming up in the business I had a manager who was so cheap, he mixed flour and water in recycled Elmers Glue bottles. Gotta be some kind of health code against that, don’t you think? -J_r0kk

Are you sure you didn’t learn that here in Gainesville. That’s how I was taught when I first started working for my brothers store!

It’s gotta be a southern thing. I learned the art in Louisiana.

Don’t blame us rednecks for being cheap. It takes a lot of wild hawg(razorback) huntin to supply a week of sausauge!!

Sorry, just had to give the Gators some props for making the Championship game Jan 8th. GO Gators!!!

must be a southern thing.I’ve never heard of it.NY here

Go out to one of the office or hardware superstores and buy a gallon (yes, it comes in a gallon) on Elmer’s Glue. Costs around $10 and you can refill the little squeeze bottles with it for a long, long time.

Mix Elmers and water in a spray bottle, spray and stick. Just one little shot will do ya. I forget the ratios, but it ain’t rocket science. You’re thinning it down so you can spray it instead of dotting it.

we use the spray glue you can buy at any craft store…one quick burst and you are good to go. Can costs about $4.00 and can do about 500 boxes

My buddy worked at PJ in St Louis area and this is what they did. 2 or 3 parts water to 1 part elmers in a spray bottle. Squirt and stick. Dries fast, no mess, and allows coupons to be detached without much damage.

Exactly where I learned it :slight_smile:

It MUST BE a southern thing. Or it is a Forgetful thing…I don’t know, but, no pizza leaves our store without a coupon, flyer, bounce back deal or what ever on top of the box. Sometimes I forget to go get glue, usually Dollar General Brand, too cheap for Elmers, but it never fails, even without glue the things get stuck on the box. I’m not sure if they add flour to the bottle, but I know they add water to stretch it out.

Works for me,
Russ Cox

This is the best advice and ONLY method to use…period. I too, use this method.

Glue, flour tape or anything other than stickers is a waste of money and only causes problems: box toppers not sticking, box toppers sticking to much etc.

Get yourself some stickers or if you use Grande, they will supply them free of charge. It pays huge dividends my friends!!!

Uline has Glue Dots? … =Glue+Dots

We use a dot of rubber cement squeesed out of an elmers glue bottle.

We have concensus, and I have a solution (pun).

Thanks, guys!!