Boxtoppers redemption rate?

We recently commenced boxtopping with special deals for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, our quiet days of the week. Each day has a specific value special for shop pick up only. We don’t want to offer delivery as the specials have eaten into our slim margins already plus we don’t want to put on another driver for the night just to cover extra deliveries at a lower sell / profit margin price.

Boxtoppers haven’t been tried here except for some limited Domino’s so we thought we would give it a go to be different from everyone else. So far the redemption is not quite what we thought it would be. We have been doing it around 5 - 6 weeks now ad only get a few back each week.

In OZ we don’t eat pizza as much as your market so this may have a bearing, plus people may not be looking at the boxtoppers as they are not used to seeing them. We print ours on bright coloured paper s it stands out. They are 1/3 of a traditional photocopy paper size (A4) so they can’t be missed.

The Monday deal is large pizzas (13") for $10 on 10 selected variants or up to 4 toppings. Normal cost is anywhere from $12.50 - $14.50.

Tuesday is free upgrade to family size (15") from large (13") on any 2 pizza order.

Wednesady is a free gralic bread (retail $3) on any Family (15") or Jumbo (18").

Funny thing is the least attractive (free garlic bread) is the most redeemed.

They have to cut out the docket for special and redeem it when paying / ordering. As coupons are not used very much at all here maybe this has an affect on the redemption - they just are not used to doing it?

On average what is time for starting something like this from scratch and then starting to see results come in on a consistent basis?

In the meantime I’m going to put out roadside “A board” signs with $10 Large Pizzas Tonight on the verge outside of the shopping centre we are in (we are set back about 50 metres from the road up on a rise). We have extremely heavy traffic flow past us in peak morning and evening so we thought we may try to attract extra customers by this. Only problem is the local councils don’t allow roadside signs and confiscate them so we will have to put them out for short periods in the peak traffic times and take the risk. The signs will cost around $300+ each.

With rent at $1500 (16%) per week, wages $1900 (22%) and cost of food $2200 (24%) plus other incidental costs (insurance, workers comp etc) there isn’t much left to discount the price to much more.

Any other ideas for getting better redemption from boxtoppers or other specials? Bear in mind in OZ we don’t do 1, 2, 3 toppings like you do.


wa dave writes:

Funny thing is the least attractive (free garlic bread) is the most redeemed.

Not funny at all. The word FREE will get you more sales than any other offer.

You mentioned you don’t put 1,2,3 toppings on most pizzas down there in OZ. I’m assuming it’s usually more than that. Here’s a great special we do here that will probably light it up down there:

Create Your Own Masterpiece: You pick the crust, You pick the sauce, You pick the toppings (up to 5 toppings) $10.99

Send me your e-mail addy and I’ll shoot you some boxtoppers.


P.S. Don’t limit yourself to only a couple days a week. No offense to you, it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when people want to do “Monday Only”, “Tuesday Only”, and “Wednesday Only” specials. I don’t want to change peoples eating habits and say they can only get specials on certain days. As long as they order from me I don’t care what day they get it.

I agree with Jrock, KEEP IT SIMPLE. Limiting your offers and having too many conditions make it hard for people. By the time they read the fine print they feel as though they are going to get scr**ed.

I would scrap the other two and keep the free CGB and make it anytime. The point is to get people to buy from your place.

Change your mindset…if you have to add another driver because business is booming I would celebrate it. It is an investment and will pay off in the long run.

keep it simple…2 special offers per boxtop…

trick #1 is to put am expiration date on all offers, so as to create a “sense of urgency”…usually 30 days is appropriate…then change your special to something else…

Don’t limit the days…a bit confusing…

any redemption rate is successfull, but don’t expect more than 1%…

any additional exposure is what you are shooting for - creating a “top-of-mind” for your brand…

as far as the signs - have someone hold them & wave - preferably a good looking female…just use them during peak p=meal periods…much better success than a sign stuck in the ground…

A bundled deal has always worked for me



Tonight went off with a bang with the FREE upgrade from large to family size. Ran out of our roll up of Family size bases and had to roll out more. Actually we ran out of all our roll up and had to roll more of every size. :smiley: Each customer who redeemed coupons said they bought tonight because of the deal.

Wednesday is Anzac Day public holiday - our most important day in Australia and New Zealand remembering those soldiers (ANZAC comes from Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) who lost their lives at the landing in Galipoli in Turkey on 25th April 1915. This is where Australia really became a nation and where our soldiers fought adversity and gained the respect from the enemy. A very solem and moving day for us.

I think a lot of people tended to buy tonight knowing that they will lay low tomorrow. Our takings were up by about 50-60% tonight over our usual Tuesday nights. Good to see about 3% redemption on the special on offer for tonight.

Maybe it is starting to kick in.


High Five! :smiley: