Brand New XLT 3240 cooking uneven

Hi guys!

Been reading here the same struggles with the xlt 3240.

Not only did I test bake, got a custom finger set up, gas pressure checked and re checked.
I’m still having uneven bake from front to back of the oven.

Anything cooked near the sandwich door comes out under cooked. Everything from the back side of the oven is perfect.
I’ve taken this thing apart so many times. I’ve called xlt many times complaining of air flow, made then send a tech to take the oven apart and inspect it.
Nothing is wrong. But. The oven isn’t cooking evenly.

Where do we go from here.

I see a thread where this is a issue xlt has a fix for? But they are telling me this is the first they heard.

I read back 8 years ago in this forum it was a issue. It still is today.

Any help helps. Thanks guys.

So all ours are the opposite. The oven door side is hotter. They have finger fixes for this, However I have never gotten one to cook evenly side to side. All my ovens are 10 years old, so I can’t speak to new ovens. I also prefer this as it gives a split baking option. I run bread apps through the colder side etc. so It’s never been a major concern for me to fix

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It could be the baffles. You see the one on the left is sending air equaly to the front and back. the one on the right is sending 25% more to the back. some people want this, cause they put the well done, or combonations in the back. I had an old lincoln where the last top and bottom were like this. It really made a diffence.

The fingers inside the xlt look different than these. This new 3 stack replaced my old Lincoln double.
And the 20 year old Lincoln out performed the fuck off this xlt. This oven has been a huge headache and making me feel like I made a huge mistake

Do you have compairison pics to see the difference im really interested

I’ve always just accepted there would be a difference between front and back oven baking regardless of what the manufacturer promises.

Dont get down on yourself everyone in this buisness has felt like they have made a huge mistake. I have many times.

Yeah I only put my garlic knots in the front, because the back is hotter, by a little bit.

I have an MM and have had the same issues. Hotter on the window side which is very counterintuitive. We have not completely solved it, but have whittled down the issue over time. With each fix, the situation has imporved.

We had a number of aged components including the temperature sensor and thermocouple. Those were replaced.

We replaced the gaskets around the windows.

We didn’t have enough has gas pressure, which was very hard to track down, because most of the time we did. It turned out that we had enough pressure most of the time, but if the furnace, hot water heater, and both ovens fired all at the same time, we dropped below threshold and had all kinds of wonky behavior as a result. Once this was figured out, we upped our meter and increased our pressure.

One of our fingers was deformed. It was probably dropped by the oven cleaners and they didn’t tell us. We tried pounding it out to no avail. Ultimately, we replaced it and it made a big difference.

Last but not least, we discovered that some of the blanks on our top row are installed backwards, leading to air leaks. We are taking care of that this coming Monday night.

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We flipped those blanks around last night. It’s like we have a brand new oven. Very pleased.

My XLT ovens are a little over a year old and I don’t have that problem.
My return air is about 3 feet from the floor and when it is blowing cold air in we have to slow the back time by 10 to 20 seconds.

@ProfZaaa I see that you are having issues with your brand new XLT 3240s.

From what I understand, you have reached out to us (XLT) and we have sent you a new finger package. I want to make sure this was able to resolve your bake issue. If not, please give us a call @ 316-943-2751 and ask for Kurt or Jason.

My apologies for your inconvenience on this matter.