Bread in Conveyor Oven

I was thinking about added sandwiches to my menu. It would be nice to bake bread in house. Has anyone baked bread in a XLT oven. Any tips when using a conveyor oven or recipe suggestions? I will probably “play” around next week.

We started baking our own bread for subs several months ago using our pizza dough and I’ll never go back to buying hoagie buns again.

We take a 10 oz dough ball and roll it out in an oval shape, about 10"x5". Then roll it up tightly so it is 10" long. Cover and set it on a pizza pan to rise for about 15-20 minutes. Cut a slit along the length of the top of bun for split top, butter the top lightly and run through oven, we then let it cool and wrap in plastic wrap and they hold fine for a couple days.

Bread will bake fine in air impingement conveyor ovens. The problem is that most ovens have only 3 to 4 inch’s of clearance so items that, when baked, will rise to those heights cannot pass through the oven.

George Mills

We’ve used our pizza dough & currently use 12" sub rolls from Sam’s - defrost over night & proof…we use some dough forms to better hold their shape…best to turn temp down to 305/375 & adjust time…

At what temp? Same temp as pizza?

Yes, 460 degrees for about 7 minutes (I start it partially in the oven on the conveyor to reduce the cook time a little).