Bread Sticks

O.k Iv been in the pizza biz 8 years and I still don`t really what bread sticks are, its not something that sold over here, but PJs are setting up here some some tips what are they , how do youy make them , ,and at what price do you sell them

we take our dough pull it length wise (make an oblong oval) cut into 8 strips put on screen cook 3/4 way through oven put garlic butter on them with some red sauce $2.99

We use our 8" dough just throw it in the oven (550 deg) for 2 min flip it leave it in for 2 more minutes. When it comes out put some garlic butter on it sprinkle with Parmesean cheese cut into strips and put into a small wax bag with a choice of whatever dips you have. we charge 2.25

Ours is basically a garlic buttered pizza crust rolled out evenly and baked. Customers can get cheese on for Cheesestix. Then we have an array of about 7 varieties:

Summer stix: cheese, pineapple and teriyaki dipping sauce
Hot stix: cheese, jalapeno, chilli powder and hot sauce to dip
Greek stix: olive, oregano, garlic, bl pep, gar butter, & tomato sauce to dip
meat stix: cheese, peperoni or ham choice of sauce
Cinnamon stick: butter, cinnamon, vanilla glaze finish

All toppings are half normal, and cheese is slightly less than normal for the size. They are all the rave around our town, and they all have follows, especially people who cannot or don’t eat tomato products. Greek stix are basically a focaccia. We cut in 1" wide stips and in half across the sticks.

Some people treat them more like a risen focaccia of even thickness across, and cut in even strips. In our shop, it is really just a cousin to pizza and focaccia.

nick how much do you charge for something like that. Where do you get all the sauces from? Sounds delicious, can we have a taster :slight_smile:

The sauces are all form the wing station :wink: We are masters of ‘reorganized’ menu items . . . putting the same ingredients together the fabricate mew permutations to add variety to out menu without adding new products to manage. These pies are great appetizers as well . . . they are the margins leaders for me usually. And they are easy to upsell into.

The hot sauce is our wing hot sauce, teriyaki glaze (kikomann) is also a wing sauce. Garlic butter we use for many, many things.

Our 10" ‘fancy’ stix go for 4.35 to 4.75 food cost of 28.5% to 29.5%
12" ‘fancy’ stix go for 6.25 to 7.00 food cost of 28% to 29%
16" ‘fancy’ stix go for 10.00 to 11.00 food cost of 23.5% to 24.5%
Cinnamon stix are 4.35 (22%) . . . 6.25 (21%) . . . 9.00 (18%) (These are great as take and bake as well)

We are not high end priced, but high-moderate for our county. Way over the fastandcheap guys, but less that the ‘designer’ pizza guys.

I take a 14" dough ball (24 ounces) flatten it with a rolling pin, and square it up. I then cut the suare in half. I take one half the square, and I cut it into 8 equal strips about 1" x 4" usually. Then I pick up each piece stretch to about 12" and I twist them. Using my left hand I twist outward, and my right hand I twist it inward, doing this several turns. Then I take both ends and merge then together, and the rest of the dough spirals together like a double helix. I take these and I place them in a 9" aluminum round pan. I get all 8 in there but they are snug. I place it in my converyor ~ 6 min. 535 degrees ~ they come out the other side with a little browning still a little white. But very soft. I apply liberally a garlic butter, with parsley, and garlic salt, and I sprinkle parmasan grated cheese on them, and serve with pizza sauce, and/or ranch dressing.

I used to sell them for $2.99 and demand was overwhelming, so I raised it a buck to $3.99, and I probably sell about 200 orders a week per store.
at about 19% food cost.

For desert sticks I apply hot butter, and sprinkle cinnamon & sugar, and serve with a vanilla icing, for $4.99 and I probably sell about 50 orders a week at about 15% food cost.