breadsticks-menu price adjusting and quanity

So I have read that America as a whole is trending to smaller portions, I have been thinking of raising our breadstick quantity from 4 (normal) and 8 family size…to 6 and 12, and adjusting the price accordingly.
my reason is I can then put them in a box rather then wrapping in foil which tends to make them soggy. I would also offer one more dipping sauce. it will raise my total cost by approx .60 cents in turn I will raise the price of the breadsticks as well.
again the real benefits come from a better product at the door.
and a part 2 to this is I have a lot of specials that use the 4 breadsticks, its not hard to keep that on the specials but will it be over confusing for the employees (K.I.S.S.)
what are your thoughts?

I use a 14 oz DB for bread sticks…get 8 or so…never thought 'bout offering a larger size…but I do offer an upgrade to Alfredo sauce…

We do offer 2 sizes of Mozz stix tho, as we use that as a price bundler often…