Since I opened my first store a year and half ago I haven’t been able to produce a good bread for the dining room. I want to create a niche for my store that no other locals have. Any suggestions on breadsticks or other type of bread for the dining room?

we do breadsticks we take a 14 oz dough cut in half press it out on dough press cut 5 per dough half place on foil sheet brush garlic butter on them run through conveyor about 3/4 way till golden brown pull them out brush with more garlic butter sprinkle with parma. and pizza sauce on side everyone goes nuts for them fresh hot and good we sell 5 for 2.99 10 for 4.95. high profit for one dough ball.

You can also get some “garlic spread” and put that on your pizza dough. Works really well.

it’s a lot easier and quicker to brush on garlic butter as opposed to using garlic spread, trust me your employees will not want to do that.

breadsticks are pretty easy. take a medium dough. bang it out into a rough rectangle shape. Dock it. Then cut it 7 times. throw on a screen, run through oven. There ya go.
garlic stix are pretty easy to. Take a small dough , dock it. put it on small screen with garlic butter. lightly cheese. run through oven.

At least that was the basic ones we did at Papa’s. very easy and pretty tasty with the right dipping sauces

our stix are 'bout the same, but we “spray” w/olive oil blend & top w/seasonings…

Since it’s the dining room, I’d suggest something more along the lines of a small loaf of fresh made bread with a dish of olive oil and seasonings to dip slices(or torn off) pieces of the bread.

Isn’t funny how people percieve bread at the beginning of the meal to be a treat. Everyone is always like, “OOoooo bread…”. If a small loaf of bread was brought out at the dinner table at home I guarentee you everyone would be like, "what the heck is this ? ". lol

thanks for all the suggestions…I really appreciate it!!!