Anyone utilizing a successful breadstick recipe and would like to share. I do well with garlic knots but would like to start selling breadsticks with some dipping sauces. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

use your pizza dough…makes great stix & knotts

We sell LOTS of variations using simply our pizza dough rolled out evenly and allowed to rise a bit. Slap a little garlic margarine on it, and bake golden. Add cheese for cheesestix, or various other things for variants. serve with pizza sauce or garlic flavored margarine for dipping.

Thanks guys!!

I take a 12" dough patty (13 oz.) and flatten it with a rolling pin and shape it into a square. Then I cut it into 8 equal size pieces. I do this but cutting the whole in half, then cut the piece on the left in half again, and then cut the piece on the left again in half, and then work your way to the right again, and again, and again.

anyhow, I take a piece of dough stretch it out to about 8 inches to a foot, and I begin twisting the dough opposing directions, forward with my right, and backwards with my left hand, I twist the dough up about 5 times, and then I merge the two ends together, kinda creating a double helix looking breadstick. Then I place them on a screen, or cookie sheet, and bake until golden brown.

I like to apply a garlic butter on them after they come out. I use whirl, with parsley, oregano, Garlic Powder, Garlic Salt, and Shredded Parmesan Cheese.

I sell an eight piece for $3.99, and it is my highest moving product. The chicks really dig’em. (Food Cost 17%)

I also use the same technique to make cinnamon sticks. The difference is when they come out of the oven I coat them with Whirl, and sprinkle a 3/4 white sugar, 1/4 cinnamon mix on them, and serve them with a white icing, made from powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla extract.

I sell an eight piece of dessert sticks for $4.99 and I sell about 100 a week. (Food Cost 20%)

We use our pizza dough as well. We take a 20oz dough ball, flatten it into a retangle, cut it in half, then cut those halves in half, and again until you have 8 strips. Then cut the 8 strips in half the long way, creating 16 strips. Slightly pinch both ends and pull the strips into longer strips. Spray a pan with Pam, and lay all 16 sticks on the pan and send through the oven at normal pizza temps.
After they come out, brush garlic butter on them and sprinkle with a parmessan cheese and italian seasoning mix. We offer marinara, ranch, blue cheese and hot sauce for dipping.
Another alternative is when the sticks come out of the oven, brush them with normal liquid butter (not garlic flavored) and sprinkle them with a 50/50 mix of sugar and cinnamon. Use icing or chocolate sauce for dipping. Great and easy dessert “cinna-sticks”.

I use a 22 oz ball that I place in a square pan that has been coated with shortening. I cut them into 16 stix, then let them rise for about an hour in a proofer. Then I bake them for 3 minutes. They rise quite nice and are nice and puffy. I sell 5 stix with a side of marinara for 2.99
I sell between my 4 places an average of 1100 a week. It just great to raise your average sale, very low good cost, and you can make a tremendous amount ahead of time and they store quite well.

We use our 10oz dough ball. Stretched into a rectangle then cut into 8 sticks. We brush it with some garlic white sauce and top with some sprinkled romano cheese. Served with a cup of pizza sauce. $3.99

My personal favorite is to use your regular pizza dough scaled to about 18-ounces rolled out to fit a 14-inch deep dish pan that has been oiled. Place the formed dough into the pan and set aside to proof/rise for 45 to about 70 minutes, then bake until lightly browned. Remove from pan and place on a screen to cool. Cut into two equal portions, with each half making an order of breadsticks. Brush with garlic butter and sprinkle lightly with mozzarella cheese. Bake on a screen or tray until the cheese is melted and the crust has browned a bit more. Remove from oven and sprinkle with a blend of powdered Parmesan and Romano cheese, then using a rocker knife, cht into 1 to 1.5-inch wide fingers and serve immediately with a dipping sauce.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor