Break down of the dollar

A little Help Please, I am trying to get a handle on projecting cost for FOOD, LABOR-FRONT AND BACK OF HOUSE, MANAGEMENT, FIXED COST AND PROFITS for a 3400 sgf full service uperscale neapolitan pizza location. We have a good Idea but would like conformation. Please visit our website @ to view the menu. We are shooting for a July-August opening depending on permitting we are located in Naples fl across from the Ritz Carlton, we are at $25.00 a SQF + CAM

Thank you!

You’re in a completly different market segment than I so I can’t be a whole lot of help with food and labor costs but what strikes me is the approximatly $100,000 annual rent and CAM fees. That better be one heck of a location.

I agree on the rent, unfortunitly Naples is like NY everything is high priced, They wanted $35.00. They also threw in $223,000 for my build out and 6 months of free rent. We projected average sales per day $3,000 for the first year, $4000 2nd year $5000 3rd. We also have 3 million vistors a year in a 6 month period. Three of the top Carraba’s in the country are here in and around Naples fl. The top store producing 8.2 million in sales (not confirmed).