Break down recipe

Im trying to break down a pizza sauce recipe a friend of mine gave me, but its a huge recipe and only wanting to make 1 can of it. I know Im suppose to divide each by 10, but getting down to the parm Im lost ?? Can someone help me

10 cans pizza sauce
3 pitchers of water (assuming its a gallon pitcher)
16oz garlic
8oz black pepper
13oz basil
16oz oregano
6oz salt
6oz cummin
8oz olive oil
5lbs Parmesan

5lbs*16oz=80oz /10 = 8 oz parmesan

Thanks I went brain dead there for a minute

Just as a FYI, you can express a sauce formulation in “true %” to manipulate it up or down. To convert a sauce formulation into true % just add up the total weight of all the ingredients used in the sauce. This is the same as the total weight of the sauce. Then divide the weight of each ingredient in the sauce by the total sauce weight and multiply by 100 and this will give you the true % for each ingredient. To check your math add up all of the true percentages and they should equal 100 or something very close to it. Then it is a simple matter of deciding how much sauce you want to make, enter that weight into your calculator, press the “X” key then enter the ingredient percent that you want the new weight for and press the “%” key, read the ingredient weight in the display window.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor