Break Even Analysis

A few years back I downloaded a break even analysis excel file from the manager’s tool box section.
As luck has it, I had to do fresh re-install of my computer and thus lost the file and it so happens it is no longer in the tool box section. Does anyone have any idea if it got moved to a different section? Does anyone have one they are willing share?


Here is a link: … recasting/

Hi Pizzasource,

I suggest using in the future, its a simple folder on your computer that sync to the cloud ( dropbox ) - Similar to a external hardrive

Whatever you have in that folder will never be lost if your computer gets fried…

Any important documents just drop in the folder, itsgreat I use it for all my clients files.

Also its free for 2GB - plenty for basic file sized documents


you could use windows live skydrive too if you needed more free space. I would also suggest that if you are storing files with financial or other identity information that would be bad if stolen is that you encrypt any files you put out in the “cloud”.