breakfast pizza

Searched the archives and couldn’t find much. Any receipes for breakfast pizzas?..maybe with refried beans, eggs, cheese, etc. Anything creative would be welcomed.

My fav…

Use cold sausage gravy as the sauce…
Top with shredded potatoes (can use dehyds - cooked or not) then crown with previously scrambled eggs (can be cooled, lemon helps from turning green)
Add some crumbled Bacon and your cheese blend…a little cheddar helps w/color

You can also play with grits or polenta as a sauce base & add diced tomatoes…

Even make a frittata/farmers omlette (if you have a stove) but keep it real loose, then pour slurry on shell…

No stove? Micro eggs works fine, but keep 'em loose…

I use cheese sauce as a base (kraft cheez wiz) top with cheese, bacon, ham, diced peppers etc.

Best around here starts with a cheese sauce base then adds scrambled eggs, italian sausage, real bacon bits, some diced green onion, canadian bacon, top with a little mozz and cheddar, and a little red pepper flakes on top. They use a thick almost nacho type cheese for the base…holds things together good and doesn’t dry the whole pie out. They also offer a version with veggies… mushrooms, tomatos, and green peppers all with the meat also.

Thanks, some great ideas. Have you ever made more of a heuvos rancheros type pizza…maybe with refried beans and eggs…I’m going to experiment tomorrow!

I remember years ago seeing a bean based breakfast pie around here but they have all disappeared for the cheese based ones. I think a mixture of both would be good but people fear beans! :roll: Play around and get some locals too test what you make. Every area is unique.

We don’t sell them, but I make one if we have to come in early to work, or if i have a freindly contractor working in the morning. I have used cheese base at times and sometimes pizza sauce, top with ham, bacon, onions, mushrooms whatever and then shredded cheddar and mozz, and then pour egg beaters over the whole deal and cook until the eggs set. I wanted to try the sausage gravy base evry since I saw it in magazine a while back. Here in the south we love our gravy. :smiley:


We did them a few years ago at a location that we no longer own.

For 16"

Regular sauce, About 6 oz

Take three eggs and scramble in a bowl with chopped onions, chopped garlic and 8 oz of mozzarella. Spread the mix over the pizza skin.

Top with toppings you like with eggs. The ones I liked best are ham, sausage, mushrooms, green pepppers, jalapenos, black olives.

My favorite combos are:

Ham, jalapenos and mushrooms

Sausage, mushrooms

Cook as usual.

Check with PMQ to see if they have any of the Survival Guides left. We have an excellent breakfast pizza shown in there (page 26).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I make these all the time for my customers that have breakfast meetings. I use 4 Eggs scrambled with bacon, onion, mushrooms, and green peppers mixed in, form pour it all on a 12" pizza crust top it with mozza and chedar and bake like a regular pizza. It comes out nice and fluffy and light just like an omlette!