Breakfast Pizza

Do any of you have this on your menu? I have been playing with putting one on my menu for the weekend. Currently I buy sausage gravy as the base, add green peppers, eggs, and pork sausage.
Its missing something. The sausage gravy base is bland. I also have put on our white pizza base with garlic basil, and its still missing something. Any suggestions?
I have seen some put potatoes on it, but that would involve bringing in an extra ingredient for it and cant see potatoes giving it the pop it needs.

We did it several years ago when we had a second (slice) location for the morning skier rush.

16" Pizza

Regular pizza sauce (a little more than half the usual amount)

4-5 oz of mozz (ours is diced) mixed with four eggs and some diced onions in a bowl and spread on top of the sauced skin.

Various toppings like ham, sausage, jalapeno, onions, green peppers, mushrooms… you get the idea.

Another 1-2oz cheese on top. Cook as usual.

instead of a hashed brown potato, use an herbed roasted potato–Simplot has a great one, rosemary redskins. They are great on any pizza, chicken with alfredo and the rosemary potatoes is great.

Gravy mixes/canned are going to struggle. You will get a far better product making your own if you have the resources and ambition. Sausage, flour, milk/water, and seasoning. Much better flavor with some more time/effort. Just a thought - I know the cost in waste/time/convenience/etc is to be considered. It ain’t that much effort, though, if you want a big flavor payoff.