breakfast pizza

Hi. Does anyone do a breakfast pizza? If so, what time do you sell it? I’m thinking of scrambled eggs, cooked half way, them put on the dough with mozz cheese, peppers onions and mushrooms and then baked again. What do you think?


We do a breakfast pizza and it is a big hit with teachers and businesses. We scramble the eggs but leave them slightly runny. Put them on the dough, top with cheese and their favorite toppings. We sell it anytime of day and take and bakes, which is popular for Christmas morning.

Some other things that we have found to be popular on breakfast pizza are hash browns, or thin sliced potato (dehydrated potato slices work great), try using breakfast sausage too, fresh tomato slices are also a big hit. If you are in a high commuter traffic area, you might also consider a breakfast calzone. Use a Mozzarella-cheddar cheese blend, pre-cooked breakfast sausage crumpbles, pre-cooked scrambled eggs, and any other desired fillings. Brush the finished calzone with melted butter and give it a very light sprinkling of powdered Parmesan cheese. Sell them in a grease proof paper sleeve, and they’re ready to go. The neat thing about the calzone approach is that you can make these up ahead of time and hold them on a heated shelf. A breakfast calzone, and a hot coffee might be a real winner if you’re in the right location, plus it will open you up to some untapped early morning sales.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

A very easy way to make breakfast pizza with little work it to mix up your eggs with a fork, mix with shredded cheeses, and small bits of whatever you would put in an omelet. Put this goopy mixture on your skin and bake as normal…very thoroughly. This is very delicious and easy