Breakfast pizzas

I have to make some breakfast pizzas for an order this week, anyone want to share some ideas?

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Egg bacon chorizo and cheddar cheese just a thought

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What do you think.for a sauce?

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Maybe some jalapenos

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Maybe some Frank’s Red Hot or salsa

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We don’t typically make breakfast pizzas here I’m just thinking off the cuff

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Use some whipped cream cheese or cheddar cheese sauce for the base and then top with scrambled eggs, bacon topping and whatever else you like. diced peppers, onions, mushrooms with breakfast sausage is delicious too.

“Frittata” as they call it, could be one more addition to that.
Prosciutto, Sliced Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Olives, Feta, Eggs on top (Scrambled), Black Pepper & Oregano.
It was a local favorite in our shop :slight_smile:

P.s. Regular pizza sauce!

Do u scramble your own eggs or use the boil bags?

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We used our own eggs. Scrambled them but cooked them less than halfway, then add them on top and cook the rest in the oven.

“Rustica” is an other one:
Scrambled Eggs, Prosciutto, Sausage, Fresh Baby Spinach, Garlic, Ricotta, Parmesan. Also with regular pizza sauce :wink:


Picante Sauce (Medium)
Cheddar Cheese
Scrambled Egg
Bacon & Sausage
Olive Oil & Cinnamon Sugar on the outside edge of the crust

For our large (14") breakfast pizza, I crack open 4 eggs in a bowl, then mix in 8 oz of mozzarella and stir up good and spread out on the pizza. Then top with ham, sausage and bacon and then some cheddar. Its good,

Avocado and Egg Breakfast Pizza
[SIZE=4]Mixed Berry Breakfast Pizza
[SIZE=4]Creamed Spinach and Egg Pizza[/SIZE]

Breakfast Pizza only matters for pizza lovers. Simple veggie or single cheese pizza are healthy to eat in breakfast.

Try cracking some eggs on top, if you get ti just right you get dippy eggs on top of pizza. Did this with a chorizo and peppadew breakfast pizza… yum
Any other time I have done it like sparrow, raw scrambled eggs for the base then your favorite breakfast toppings. Some maple syrup to finish doesn’t hurt either :slight_smile:

Years ago we did it pretty much this way too when we served b’fast pizza at our slice location. We used four eggs and 10oz of mozz on a 16". Cook as normal.

We started with our regular pizza sauce and then added the eggs/mozz and topped with a variety of things including ham, jalapeno, mushrooms, black olives, chopped garlic, bacon, onions… you get the idea.