Breaking In New Stones - ?

I will be replacing the stones in one of our Y602 ovens soon and am wondering if there is a break-in or tempering process? I can’t seem to find much online, but it doesn’t seem right to me to just turn the ovens up to full temp (around 550 in our case) the first time on.
Anyone have any experience with this, or any thoughts?


My thoughts exactly. When I first got my ovens shipped in from NJ. I turned temp up slowly

I wouldn’t think 550 degrees will effect anything. I’m assuming they might be manufactured at a very high kiln fired temperature like most stones/bricks for cooking? Who knows though.

Wright, wrong, or whatever, the procedure that I learned was to put corn meal on the deck, heat the oven to 350F for 1-hour, then to 400F for 1-hour, then to 450F for 1-hour, all the way up to the highest operating temperature of the oven. When the corn meal begins to char sweep it out of the oven, no need to replace it. The corn meal provides a level of seasoning for the stones. I’m sure others have got their way of doing it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor