breaking lease in small town

has anyone ever broken a lease in small town and survived

here is my story

last year Feb i started moving my rest to a new location main st and main hwy (better visibilty) the landlord paid for all the renovation but he went cheap put only a 5 ton A/C unit that is designed to cool 1500sf (i have 3000sf w/ 15ft ceiling) the electricity was not upgraded and when it heats up my breakers start tripping so i have to turn off lights in the kitchen to keep things running my rent is 800 my elec for last moth was 900 and i am only doing around 2500 a week because it is to hot in the dining room for customers to sit so i am reduced to just del/co i am thinking of breking my lease and moving across the street smaller building seat maybe 25-30
rent is 400 elec would drop because only have to cool about 1800 sf w/ 8ft ceiling

any suggestions


You should send a certified letter to the landlord asking for this to be repaired. Outline the loss of business (ie “damages”) and request immediate repairs and remedy. Give him 10 days to correct. Next step is to send lease breaking letter outlining his failure to repair.

Probably should talk to a local lawyer.

Lawyer. Lawyer. Lawyer.

Do what s/he says.