Brick lined ovens vs rotoflex

Busy pizza shop getting busier. We are at a crossroads on either adding two more bakers pride y600 or ripping it all out and going with a rotoflex carousel oven. Has anyone made the change ? Pros, cons ?

i made that change about 15yrs ago when we went from a double stack decks to Roto-flex. It served us well for about 10yrs and we added delivery and needed more capacity so we switched to Edge conveyors and have never looked back. I never liked having all my eggs in one basket with Roto-flex so make sure you have ALL parts ON HAND in the store and make sure service is prompt. Good luck!

I recently did some work in a new restaurant that installed Hot Rocks ovens: They are basically granite strips turned into a conveyor oven. They have a 22" & 33" wide cooking chamber available and can stack up to 3 ovens high.

The amazing bake they got on the hand-tossed dough they ran through them makes me wish I could afford to switch from my current set of Edge ovens. That’s Hot Rocks biggest drawback, they are expensive.

I was at a Mellow Mushroom pizza place in Orlando that used that Hot Rocks oven OMG great oven it pushed out great pizza