brick oven builders

Anybody know of a good wood fired brick oven Masonite in nj pa or ny that does good work at a fair price?

Hi Matteo:

I have been waiting to see what responses you got to your posting as I really don’t know what you are looking for.

Are you looking for someone to build you an oven from scratch or are you seeking a stone mason to construct a facade around one of the commercial ovens that are available?

George Mills

If you’re looking for a wood-fired brick oven, you may want to check local health department/zoning statutes.
Youy may be required to have an oven with NSF & UL listings. Forno Bravo has both NSF & UL listings in their commercial line, so check them out

Woodstone Ovens is another option to consider. But do make sure you check the regulations covering wood fired ovens in both your store location and your city/state.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

wood fired oven is no problem where i am looking to build. I am looking for somebody to construct one from scratch.

anybody else have suggestions?

Hi Matto:

Are you positive that your building department will let you use an oven that is not UL rated? That the health department will let you use an oven that is not NSF certified And the fire Marshall will allow an oven not built to NFPA standards? Or do you intend to put the oven in the back yard of your home?

George Mills

it would be going in a scratch build pizzeria. yes it is not a problem

I agree with Georges feedback… We are currently opening a West Coast location and had the same intentions. Now, I currently own locations in PA…moreover in Pittsburgh.

BOTH have the same rules…if you are buying an existing restaurant that has an already build oven you will probably work on a grandfather clause.

BUT…one thing that George failed to bring up is your insurance company who WILL send in an inspector every year as part of the policy update.

I know you feel confident that building this will not be a problem, however based on my latest research I would lay my bets on the fact that you will invest all the money in a non-regulated oven and something will bite you in the ass and you won’t be able to reverse engineer the install and will be out the money.

You may know someone in town that may rubber-stamp this…but remember, this person is only one of many and there is always one with a bug up their ass to impress someone futher up the ladder.

Think long and hard about your plan of action before you execute.

BUMP. Any news on this build?

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