brick ovens

Who uses brick ovens?

Marsal or pride or who? What do you like best/least about them?

How long to heat up?
Any recovery isssues on a busy night?


I have Bakers Pride Y700 or 600?? anyway, I have never used anything else. So, I would not have a con against them because I have nothing to compare it to. As far as the heat up time. We leave our ovens on all the time. I’m not sure if this wastes alot of $$ but it does take around 2-3 hours to heat up. So, are you saving money by leaving them on all night and maintaining the temp. or by coming in @ 7:00a.m. and kicking out some btu’s by warming it up??? I work doubles several days/week, so I opt for the ovens are always on method…

How long to heat up? From cold to properly heated for production usually 3 hours.

Any recovery issues on a busy night? When using your oven to maximum capacity you will find that it will take progressively longer to bake your pizzas as the evening wears on.

The gadget on a deck oven termed a thermostat is more of a wish-a-stat as you only wish your oven could hold the temperature indicated.
Deck ovens do not have a direct reading temperature gauge so you do not know what the temperature in your oven is.

George Mills